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@version    0.1.11
@date       2015-02-09
@stability  2 - Unstable

URI Template – Build Coverage

URI Template RFC 6570 expansion and extraction.


// Call `expand` directly
var data = {"domain":"", "user":"fred", "query":"mycelium"}
URI.expand("http://{domain}/~{user}/foo{?query,number}", data)
// Returns

// ..or use `Template` constructor
var data = {"domain":"", "user":"fred", "query":"mycelium", "number": 3}
var template = new URI.Template("http://{domain}/~{user}/foo{?query,number}")
// Returns

// Extract variables
// Returns {"domain":"", "user":"fred", "query":"mycelium", "number": "3"}

// Returns false


To use it in the browser, include uri-template-min.js in your site

<script src=uri-template-min.js></script>

In node.js: npm install uri-template-lite

var URI = require("uri-template-lite").URI

About error handling

This implementation tries to do a best effort template expansion and leaves erroneous expressions in the returned URI instead of throwing errors. So for example, the incorrect expression {unclosed will return {unclosed as output.

Browser Support

It should work IE6 and up but automated testing is currently broken.


Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Lauri Rooden <[email protected]>
The MIT License

Tags: uri, url, template, uri-template, rfc6570, litejs

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