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The best way to build fast and powerful web interfaces.

Weighing in at just 28KB (12KB gzipped), it includes everything you need to build a modern web application:

.. and more with no dependencies - [date parsing and formating]( - string formating - [keyboard shortcuts](

See a working example with a source code in 80 lines.

It also supports SVG elements, so it is possible to build full SVG single-page applications.
See a example with a source code in 60 lines.

Get Started

Build your first LiteJS app with in 5 minute Quick Start Guide.

npm install -g litejs
litejs init demo-project
cd demo-project
npm start

See wiki for more.


Copyright (c) 2013-2018 Lauri Rooden <[email protected]>
The MIT License

Since 2013 to 2015